What people are saying about Songs For Little Love Bugs

See what people are saying about Songs For Little Love Bugs:

“I do not have the best voice but that does not stop me from singing, especially to my grandchildren.  I have been know to make up a song for just about anything from being a good big sister to hitting is not nice. In this house we will turn anything into a song! That is why the Songs For Little Love Bugs is perfect for us!

After first becoming a Mom to Maranatha Melody, Cynthia Butler wrote songs to go with their everyday activities. This collection of music grew into a book and even a recording! Her husband Kevin helped contribute with his songwriting skills and editing expertise. Maranatha’s voice is featured in the song ‘Let’s Get Dressed’.

Cynthia and Kevin are members of the musical group Canopy with Buddy and Alicia Motter-Vlahakos. Buddy and Alicia helped to make this book what it is with their creativity and recording skills. A cool fact is that Alicia and Cynthia are twin sisters! How cool is that? This is truly a family affair!

This book is so sweet and special. The watercolor pictures are beautiful and I can feel the love in the songs. You can even hear the songs from the book on Soundcloud  which is a unique feature that I like.”

Latricia Bowers of 1stopmom.com


“Looking for the perfect gift for little ones can be so hard. Songs For Little Love Bugs  is the perfect gift for any new parent or new baby in the family.

This super cute and colorful book is complete with songs that you can choose to sing and play yourself, or look online to find the music with it. If you are looking for a gift for a new life, this would be the perfect one; perfect for parents to start off with their newborn.”

Little Helpers In Life